2014 TIQFF Workshop

Taiwan International Queer Production Workshop

TIQFF is organizing the 1st Taiwan International Queer Production Workshop (TIQPW) in an effort to stimulate further development, production and distribution of "Made in Taiwan" LGBT content. TIQPW is an intensive 2-day workshop on Sept. 27-28, 2014 held in Taipei, Taiwan. TIQPW will include presentations by Stephen Israel, Gavin Lin, Diana Lee, Leo Chiang, Michael Leow, Kim Jho Gwang-soo, Josh Kim, and many more. This workshop is especially intended for screenwriters, producers and directors who want to or are making LGBT-related film projects, even if they are student films. Come find out what local and international film professionals are working on and how they are getting it made.  



施南生 / Nansun Shi

香港電影工作室有限公司總裁 。華語電影知名製作人。監制影片包含:狄仁傑之通天帝國、龍門飛甲、桃姐、狄仁傑之神都龍王。 施南生小姐親臨第67屆瑞士羅加諾國際影展,接受「最佳獨立製片人大獎」。

金趙光壽 / Kim Jho Gwang-soo


史蒂芬伊斯列爾 / Stephen Israel

當今世界影壇LGBT作品產量最多的影人之一,曾製作的電影包括:《Swimming With Sharks》,《Boy Culture》, 《I DO》和《Helicopter Mom》。在本次影展首播的《我的同志麻吉》為其最新作品,之前在美放映時獲得廣大迴響,影評一致讚賞,票房成績亮眼,受邀到各地影展放映。近期參與製作的作品為與徐立功共同製作的台灣電影《滿月酒》,其觸及同志題材被視為《囍宴》的新版續作。

傅秀玲 / Syou-Ling Fu

She has a MFA, Cinema/Television Production from the University of Southern California. Currently working as an assistant professor at the National Chengchi Univerity, she has taught at the Taipei National University of the Arts and the University of Southern California. She has work as a producer in the U.S. and for many co-productions between the U.S., China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan.

江松長 / Leo Chiang

台灣出生,現在生活在美國舊金山的導演。之前紀錄片作品《凡爾賽村落》榮獲艾美獎提名,並獲得八座電影獎項。最近投入新作《Out Run》的後製階段,為一部關於全球唯一一個LGBT酷兒族群政黨的作品。本次他將帶來新作《有限性關係》。


李嘉雯 / Diana Lee

A documentary film producer with projects in the United States, Taiwan and China, including The Priestess Walks Alone (Taiwan), Stolen: Lives in Exile (US/China/Iran), Wa State: A Forsaken People (China).

金俊杓 / Josh Kim

A Korean-American filmmaker known for his award-winning short films, The Police Box and The Postcard, and his documentary, Draft Day. He was a co-producer with on the Korean remake of A Better Tomorrow.


林孝謙 / Gavin Lin

One of the most anticipated new directors from Taiwan, with films such as In Case of Love, and Revenge of the Factory Women, and A Moment of Love.  


廖永豐 / Michael Leow

Mr. Leow is one of the leading entertainment lawyers in Asia, and was the co-producer in the Taiwanese film, Au Revoir Taipei.