Rebels On Pointe  Rebels On Pointe  P
Bobbi Jo Hart
Canada / 2017 / Color / 90mins
Exploring universal themes of identity, dreams, family and love, Rebels on Pointe is the first-ever documentary film celebrating the world famous Les Ballets 
Take Me For A Ride  Take Me For A Ride  R
Micaela Rueda
Ecuador/Mexico/Colombia / 2016 / Color / 67mins

Starting her senior year in high school, Sara doesn't have many friends and is caught between an overbearing mother, and a more understanding father.

Gay Chorus Deep South  Gay Chorus Deep South 
David Charles Rodrigues
USA / 2019 / Color / 98mins

In response to a wave of discriminatory anti-LGBTQ laws and the divisive 2016 election which have taken America by storm, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus embarks on a tour of the American Deep S

Finlandia  Finlandia  PG12
奧拉西奧‧阿爾卡拉 (Horacio Alcala)
西班牙、墨西哥、跨性 / 2020 / Color / 120mins
「時尚雜誌(Vogue)墨西哥與英國合作,首次令穆克斯成了知名時尚攝影師提姆.沃克(Tim Walker)鏡頭下的主角。」—《時代》雜誌
Fathers  Fathers  P
Palatpol Mingpornpichit
Thailand / 2016 / Color / 95mins

Phoon and Yuke have been in a serious relationship for 13 years. The couple has adopted an abandoned child named Butr since he was a baby. 

Being 17  Being 17  PG12
France / 2016 / Color / 116mins

Damien is the pampered teenage.

Riot  Riot 
Jeffrey Walker
Australia / 2018 / Color / 105mins

In 1978, when the push to decriminalise homosexuality was stalled, a group of activists decide that they had make one final attempt to celebrate who they are.

My First Summer   My First Summer   P
凱蒂・芳德 Katie Found
澳洲 / 2020 / Color / 80mins
Tale Of The Lost Boys  Tale Of The Lost Boys  PG15
Joselito Altarejos
Taiwan / Philippines / 2016 / Color / 90mins

The End of Our Youth  The End of Our Youth  PG15
Xin He
Taiwan / 2016 / Color / 30mins

Liu and Tseng met in high school and became friends. Before graduating, Tseng confesses his love to Lin. After the two become lovers, the relationship between them begins to get awkward.

Tell It to the Bees  Tell It to the Bees 
Annabel Jankel
UK / 2018 / Color / 106mins

Abandoned single-mother Lydia meets the small village's Doctor Jean when Lydia's son Charlie is taken to the doctor after being bullied in school.

Metamorphosis  Metamorphosis  PG15
荷西・安立奎・提格勞 (J.E. Tiglao)
菲律賓 / 2019 / Color / 98mins

2021 舊金山國際同志影展

54: The Director's Cut  54: The Director's Cut  R
Mark Christopher
US / 1998 / Color / 106mins

17 years after its initial release in 1998, “54” has been newly restored and re-edited to include 34 minutes of never before seen footage. Set against the backdrop of Studio 54's party lifestyle that made the club infamous in the 70s, the Director's Cut explores in greater depth a love triangle between the bartender Shane, the coat check girl Anita and the busboy Greg. The movie bombed in 1998, but the additional “gay” footage establishes 54 as a cult gay classic which more accurately reflects the realities of the club and the mores of our times now. Ensemble cast starring Ryan Phillippe, Mike Meyers and Salma Hayek.

Wonders Wander  Wonders Wander  PG15
Cheang Shu-Lea
Spain / 2017 / Color / 60mins