Under the Skin   Under the Skin   PG12
羅賓‧哈施 (Robin Harsch)
瑞士 / 2019 / Color / 85mins
2020 阿姆斯特丹同志與移民影展 – 觀眾票選獎 
2020 日內瓦國際人權影展 – 評審團特別提及
Tamara  Tamara  PG12
Elia K. Schneider
Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru / 2016 / Color / 110mins

A successful lawyer with a wife and two kids finally comes to terms with his visceral desire to become a woman.

Just Be Gentle  Just Be Gentle  PG15
Bo Chen Li
Taiwan / 2016 / Color / 30mins

n his dying breath, a boy looks back into his memories, reliving the relationships he had with two men.

Greta  Greta 
Armando Praça
Brazil / 2019 / Color / 97mins

Stirred up by the loss of his friend and a new relationship, an elderly gay man finally starts to embrace who he is.

A Distant Place  A Distant Place  P
朴健英(Park Kun-Young)
南韓 / 2020 / Color / 119mins
2021 Outfest 洛杉磯同志影展
The Misandrists  The Misandrists  R
Bruce LaBruce
Germany / 2017 / Color / 92mins

The Misandrists refers to a secret cell of feminist terrorists that is planning to liberate women, overthrow the patriarchy, and usher in a new female world o

Looking For?  Looking For?  PG15
Chou, Tung-Yen
Taiwan / 2016 / Color / 59mins

Looking For? is one of the most common questions raised by users of gay dating apps, but sometimes it’s not an easy one to answer.

Queendom  Queendom  P
馬可・諾瓦 (Marco Novoa) & 西蒙・維威耶 (Simon Vivier)
法國 / 2021 / Color / 62mins
「我們想要突顯變裝皇后在法國的面貌:放棄了什麼、同時又自我揭露了些什麼。」— 西蒙・維威耶於Europe 1的電台訪談
At the End of Evin   At the End of Evin   PG12
穆罕默德 托拉-貝吉(Mohammad Torab-Beigi)&邁赫迪 托拉-貝吉(Mehdi Torab-Beigi)
伊朗 / 2021 / Color / 78mins
Boys For Sale  Boys For Sale  R
Japan / 2017 / Color / 76mins

In Tokyo’s Shinjuku district there are bars that specialize in "Urisen", young guys who have sex with men.

We Are Gamily  We Are Gamily  P
Zero Chou
Taiwan / 2016 / Color / 129mins

Wu Gang lives in Chengdu with his partner, Sam, where “Marriages of Convenience” are commonly used by the LGBT community in China.

Gameboys: The Movie   Gameboys: The Movie   PG12
伊萬・安德魯・帕亞瓦爾( Ivan Andrew Payawa)
菲律賓 / 2021 / Color / 108mins
Love, Spells and All That   Love, Spells and All That   PG15
烏米烏納 (Ümit Ünal)
土耳其 / 2019 / Color / 96mins
2020 伊斯坦堡國際影展 – 最佳編劇、最佳女主角
Family Commitments  Family Commitments  R
Hanno Olderdissen
Germany / 2015 / Color / 85mins

David and Khaled live a relaxed and self-determined life together.