The Day After  The Day After 
Adolfo B. Alix Jr.
Philippines / 2013 / Color / 17mins

After his mother's death, Niles feels a certain urge to understand her from her perspective.

The Letter  The Letter 
Algelez Cruz
Mexico / 2014 / Color / 18mins

When Lupe returns to her village in rural Mexico, she finds out that her feelings for her childhood friend Rosalia has grown and become even more intense.

Once Again, Partridges  Once Again, Partridges 
Marta DiazLopez Diaz
Spain / 2013 / Color / 15mins

At a family gathering, Claudia makes an announcement that no one saw coming, except maybe her cousin Marco.

Practical Things  Practical Things 
Kris BoustedtLindy Boustedt
US / 2013 / Color / 5mins

Two girls, seemingly worlds apart, discover that they might just be what the other needs.

Surprise  Surprise 
Leslie Bumgarner
US / 2014 / Color / 9mins

A middle-aged mom struggles to tell her son that she might be into women and the dialogue is complicated because of who the mysterious girlfriend is.

We Live in Fear  We Live in Fear 
Katherine FairfaxMalika Zouhali
South Africa / 2013 / Color / 12mins

An inspiring documentary on photographer, Zanele Muholi, who has spent years documenting the lives of black lesbians and transgender people in South Africa.

Transgender Shorts  Transgender Shorts  PG
/ / Color / 118mins

Transgender Shorts

Beyond the Mirror's Gaze  Beyond the Mirror's Gaze 
Iris Moore
Canada / 2012 / Color / 4mins

Director Moore questions the gender immutability that's so deeply rooted in our societies.

Mindtease  Mindtease 
Iris Moore
Canada / 2013 / Color / 4mins

The accidental reveal of a burlesque dancer's "true" identity… Resulting in deeper self-exploration.

Elise  Elise 
Evan Sterett
US / 2014 / Color / 12mins

The story of Elise, a young and homeless transgender, doing whatever it takes to survive in modern DC.

Pepper  Pepper 
Marc Cleary, Craig Young
US / 2014 / Color / 18mins

When male actress "Pepper" meets little Charlie and helps him find his brother, they bond in an unexpected way.

Reflection  Reflection 
Hazuki Aikawa
US / 2014 / Color / 23mins

As a parent, how do you raise a different child that does not comply with gender rules?

Teagan  Teagan 
Sheldon Liebermann, Igor Couric
Australia / 2014 / Color / 5mins

The journey to one's true identity isn't an easy one.

Her  To Sit with Her 
Nicole Miyahara
US, Taiwan / 2015 / Color / 5mins

Leon was born a woman. As a grown man, he comes back to Taiwan, to reconnect with his roots.