Open Relationship  Open Relationship 
Carlos Ocho
Spain / 2014 / Color / 14mins

When a discussion about finding a way out of the routine of everyday life takes a funny turn…

Dating Sucks   Dating Sucks   P
Aimee Mitchell
加拿大 Canada / / Color / 13mins

A transgender perspective on the successes, failures, and incredible confusion on dating.

The Lesson  The Lesson  P
David Chester
日本 Japan / / Color / 15mins

A Japanese businessman learns that sometimes things have to said out loud.

The Last Girl  The Last Girl 
Bjarke de Koning
Denmark / 2015 / Color / 13mins

Following one's heart is one thing, but the timing isn't always right.

We are Fine  We are Fine 
Simon Savory
Australia / 2014 / Color / 5mins

A lyrical celebration of the male body in all its summertime glory.

Draft Day   Draft Day   P
Josh Kim
泰國 Thailand / / Color / 9mins

Thai girls born as boys participate in the military drafting process.

Zazaland   Zazaland   P
Maayan Cohen
以色列 Israel / / Color / 15mins

A fast-paced, hilarious comedy about hypocrisy. A hymn to true love.

Weird is Who's Not Weird  Weird is Who's Not Weird 
Cristopher Carballo Lemra
Mexico / 2015 / Color / 16mins

Despite his best friend's warning that Samuel has a girlfriend, Alex still thinks his crush might have a thing for him too...

Jellyfish  Jellyfish  P
Rosie Haber
馬來西亞 Malaysia / / Color / 11mins

Set in a Borneo village, Danice, a fourteen-year old fisherwoman, finds her first love in an alluring transgendered woman.

Gay Shorts III  Gay Shorts III  R
/ / Color / 97mins

Gay Shorts III

Between Us   Between Us   P
台灣 Taiwan / / Color / 11mins

Arts teacher Ariel falls into an affair with a married woman Tara. She realizes she wants more than a lust driven relationship which Tara can never afford.

Caged  Caged 
Dylan Tonk
Netherlands / 2013 / Color / 13mins

David has never thought about homosexuality… Until a discovery changes his mind.

Moiré   Moiré   P
Estefanía Cortés
西班牙 Spain / / Color / 14mins

For one hour a day, Sergio, a transgendered child, helped by his grandmother, carry out his desires in a home dominated by his grandfather.

Fawns  Fawns 
Thanasis Tsimpinis
Greece / 2015 / Color / 3mins

From a fawn painting to the relationship between family, there's no difference between animals and human beings. Bond can form everywhere.