Kort  Kort 
Sanne Vogel
Netherlands / 2013 / Color / 10mins

Arend ventures out of town to meet a guy he chatted with online. The person he meets isn't really how he imagined him to be

Stigma  Stigma  P
Phill Schwartz
美國 USA / / Color / 27mins

After getting the result of his HIV test, Peter drones on through his normal day, unsure of what to do or whom, if anyone, to tell. Feeling his humanity like never before, Peter sets out on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Lunchtime  Lunchtime  P
Keo Woolford
美國 USA / 2013 / Color / 7mins

Fifth grader Henry decides to spend lunchtime with his former kindergarten teacher, Mr. Loh.

Tom in America  Tom in America 
Flavio Alves
US, Brazil / 2014 / Color / 17mins

On their 50ᵗʰ anniversary, Michael and Betty are the perfect couple yet there is one thing, a deep buried secret that is about to resurface…

Two Girls Against The Rain   Two Girls Against The Rain   P
Sopheak Sao
柬埔寨 Cambodia / / Color / 11mins

A captivatingly courageous lesbian couple in Cambodia who have known and loved each other since the Khmer Rouge.

You. Me. Bathroom. Sex. Now.  You. Me. Bathroom. Sex. Now. 
Francisco Lupini
Venezuela / 2015 / Color / 18mins

Antonio meets an interesting guy whose views on flirting and relationships are slightly different from his own…

Gay Shorts II  Gay Shorts II  R
/ / Color / 97mins

Gay Shorts II

The Package  The Package  P
Rafael Aidar
巴西 Brazil / / Color / 18mins

Two Brazilian schoolboys form an instant attachment and soon realize that theirs is no ordinary friendship.

Mum  Mum  P
Alex Bohs
美國 USA / / Color / 11mins

A deaf swimmer tries to attract a guy he has his eyes on, but wonders if his disability may get in the way.

Adjust a Dream  Adjust a Dream 
Jonathan Wysocki
US / 2014 / Color / 6mins

When a small detail like the choice of a mattress brings up bigger differences in their ideas on life, everything is about to crumble.

Brothers   Brothers   P
中國 China / / Color / 24mins

Tony joins a group of female-to-male transgendered people who call each other brothers.

Gabriel  Gabriel 
Benjamin Chimoy
Spain, Germany / 2014 / Color / 22mins

When his mother visits him and his boyfriend in Germany where they live, Gabriel seems to have put the past behind…

I'm Horny Now  I'm Horny Now 
蘇俊文 SO, Jun-mun
South Korea / 2014 / Color / 21mins

A Mr. Noboby cab driver falls for a beautiful boy even though he is a narcissistic drama queen.

Taboulé   Taboulé   P
Richard Garcia
西班牙 Spain / / Color / 4mins

Two characters in a roof talk about their relationship and their mutual trust.