You & I  You & I  R
Nils Bökamp
Germany / 2014 / Color / 79mins

Summer in Berlin. Jonas is a cute German boy preparing for a photography project in the countryside. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he invites his former London flatmate Phillip to join him. The fact that Phillip is gay and sheds his clothes at the sight of any body of

Disclosure  Disclosure  P
Gay / HIV
Bill Mullan
美國 USA / / Color / 22mins

Tyler realizes that it’s time to talk to his partner about his HIV status, a revelation that takes them both on an emotional journey of heartache, isolation, and discrimination.

Hazel  Hazel  P
Tamer Ruggli
瑞士 Switzerland / / Color / 8mins

A boy secretly attracted to boys has an obsessive compulsive mother.

Gay Shorts I  Gay Shorts I  R
/ / Color / 97mins

Gay Shorts I

Aban + Khorshid  Aban + Khorshid 
Darwin Serink
US / 2014 / Color / 17mins

Aban & Khorshid, facing imminent execution, share their final thoughts and promise of eternal love in their afterlife.

Roads  Roads  P
Denisse Quintero
墨西哥 Mexico / / Color / 10mins

Carmela leads a quiet life in the countryside with her grandfather until Abril, an adventurous free spirited girl, breaks into her routine.

Caipirinhas in Ipanema  Caipirinhas in Ipanema  P
Antonio Hernández Centeno
西班牙 Spain / 2014 / Color / 7mins

Antonio and his boyfriend argue while the visiting an European city. They stop by a square cafe to have a drink; a little boy comes by Antonio and his father afterwards...

An Afternoon  An Afternoon 
Soren Green
Denmark / 2014 / Color / 8mins

That awkward/scary/painful moment when two people like each other but are still uncertain of how the other feels about them.

Dawn  Dawn 
Leon Le
US / 2012 / Color / 10mins

After confronting a guy who gave him a racist glance, Tye realises they might have something in common.

Positive Youth  Positive Youth  P
Charlie David
加拿大 Canada / / Color / 42mins

4 HIV positive youths (late teens to 27) in 4 different North American cities discuss their lives, sharing a dynamic perspective on the reality of living positive.

Double Heart Seven  Double Heart Seven 
Taiwan / 2015 / Color / 3mins

A stalks B, but his intentions are not necessarily malicious.

Luigi and Vincenzo  Luigi and Vincenzo  P
Giuseppe Bucci
義大利 Italy / / Color / 5mins

A great love hidden by shame and fear.

Elder  Elder 
Genea Gaudet
US, Italy / 2015 / Color / 14mins

A gay Mormon looks back on his younger years, when he was a preacher in Italy and fell in love with a local communist activist.

The Lala Road  The Lala Road  P
Letitia Lam
澳洲 Australia / / Color / 10mins

Four Chinese lesbians discuss the struggles they have faced in their pursuit of living freely with the women they love.