A Night in Tokoriki

A Night in Tokoriki  A Night in Tokoriki  R
Roxana Stroe
Romania / 2016 / Color / 18mins

Berlinale Teddy Award Shorts

Sat, Oct/29/2016 PM12:50
Taipei ShinKong Cinemas
Hall 2
For sale
Sat, Nov/19/2016 PM18:30
Kaohsiung Main Public Library (7F)
Ji Hui Auditorium

Berlin International Film Festival 2016 - Special Prize of the Generation 14plus International Jury - Best Short Film
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016

There’s a party in the Tokoriki nightclub. Alin and his friends ride up in style in the horse-drawn cart and take over the dance floor. His eyes sparkle when he sets eyes on Geanina, which doesn’t escape her boyfriend’s attention. Emotions are running high. Will there be an escalation tonight?