Miles  Miles  PG15
Nathan Adloff
USA / 2016 / Color / 90mins
Sat, Oct/22/2016 PM12:50
Taipei ShinKong Cinemas
Hall 1
For sale
Sun, Oct/30/2016 PM14:50
Taipei ShinKong Cinemas
Hall 2
For sale
Sat, Nov/19/2016 AM10:30
Kaohsiung Film Archive
Ji Hui Auditorium
Sun, Dec/18/2016 PM18:30
Wonderful Cinemas
Treasure Hall

Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival 2016 - U.S. Narrative Audience Award
Seattle International Film Festival 2016
Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival 2016

It's 1999, the beginning of senior year, and 17-year-old Miles cannot wait to start film school in Chicago. But when his father suddenly dies of a heart attack, Miles discovers that the patriarch has squandered the family's entire savings on his mistress, leaving the teen and his mother Pam without a dime. Desperate to leave his small-town life, Miles happens upon a volleyball scholarship for Loyola College. The trouble is, his high school doesn't have a boys' volleyball team... but it does have a girls' team.