The Priestess Walks Alone

The Priestess Walks Alone  The Priestess Walks Alone  P
Hui-chen Huang
Taiwan / 2016 / Color / 54mins
Sat, Oct/22/2016 PM17:40
Taipei ShinKong Cinemas
Hall 2
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★ Special guests:Hui-zhen Huang 
★ After-screening Q&A:SAT, Oct/22/2016 17:40

The Priestess Walks Alone is a journey, our journey. As a priestess, through chants and prayers during the “Soul Guiding” ceremony, my mom helps the dead achieve salvation, but she is bound to her painful past, unable to free herself. As a filmmaker, using images and sounds that unfold on the screen, I tell stories for the voiceless, yet I’m muted by a shameful secret, afraid to reveal the truth. With different mediums, caught between the living and the dead, as the past and present collide, my mom and I embark on a journey, attempting to find our salvation.