Inside the Chinese Closet

Inside the Chinese Closet  Inside the Chinese Closet  P
Sophia Luvarà
Netherlands / 2015 / Color / 72mins
Sun, Oct/23/2016 PM17:00
Taipei ShinKong Cinemas
Hall 1
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Sun, Oct/30/2016 PM12:50
Taipei ShinKong Cinemas
Hall 2
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Berlin International Film Festival 2016
Frameline Film Festival 2016
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2015

Andy devotes his days and nights to looking for a lesbian wife of convenience who could possibly bear his child; from online search to underground marriage markets, he is meeting all sorts of girls. Cherry has already married a gay man, but the quest for a baby proves to be a far more complex challenge. Will Andy and Cherry deny their own happiness and sexual orientation to satisfy their parents’ wishes? Along the way, they clash with their parents’ hopes, their love partners and the partners of convenience.