Horror Shorts  Horror Shorts  R
/ / Color / 74mins

Horror Shorts

Feriado  Feriado 
Alexander Siqueira
Brazil / 2013 / Color / 26mins

What starts out as a nice holiday quickly becomes a terrifying experience.

Gay Goth Scene  Gay Goth Scene 
Kai Stänicke
Germany / 2013 / Color / 5mins

School becomes a living hell for a gay teenage boy…

I Love Hooligans  I Love Hooligans 
Jan-Dirk Bouw
Belgium, Netherlands / 2013 / Color / 13mins

Unconditional love for his club defines a hooligan. However, being gay and a hooligan seem incompatible.

Miss Miao  Miss Miao 
Kayla Morrissey
US / 2014 / Color / 10mins

A young woman resorts to alternative medicine to cure her nightmares. But the effect isn't quite what she expected…

Plunge  Plunge 
Kate Lefoe
Australia / 2014 / Color / 5mins

Enjoying some time by a remote lake, two lovers decide to jump off a cliff into the water, but something very strange happens…

Seuls  Seuls 
Sami Khadraoui
Switzerland / 2014 / Color / 15mins

A get-away in a remote place in the moutains turns into a horror movie plot as strange things start happening…

Taiwan Queer Awards I  Taiwan Queer Awards I  PG
/ / Color / 116mins

Taiwan Queer Awards I

A City of Two Tales  A City of Two Tales 
林知陽 Tony Zhiyang Lin
Hong Kong / 2015 / Color / 30mins

In parallel universes, a British businessman living in Hong Kong and a Hong Kong local living on social welfare are both withering away in silence. It is time to speak out about sexual orientation, aging, love, and what you think about life!

When Mom Visits  When Mom Visits 
張瓊文 CHANG, Chiung-wen
Taiwan, US / 2015 / Color / 19mins

Mom arrives unannounced from Taiwan to the US to visit Tingting. How will she explain her relationship with her roommate/girlfriend? Will she survive the blind dates mom is setting up for her? A clash between conservative traditions and western upbringing is near.

The Life of Silence  The Life of Silence 
應政儒 YING, Cheng-ru
Taiwan / 2014 / Color / 26mins

Silence usually comes with a backdrop, waiting to be stirred. A novel and a reality. Three gays guys and two marriages. When love and marriage can't go hand in hand, how can marital bliss be realised?

The Thrill  The Thrill 
侯季然 HOU, Chi-jan
Taiwan / 2014 / Color / 29mins

Urban legend has it that once you get bitten by a vampire, you will become one of them and reconnect with your suppressed primal desires. Who will be next?

Yu and Rachel  Yu and Rachel 
吳季恩 WU, Zi-en
Taiwan / 2014 / Color / 12mins

Friday, basketball court, ice cream, cooties, girl, boy.

Taiwan Queer Awards II  Taiwan Queer Awards II  PG
/ / Color / 115mins

Taiwan Queer Awards II