Gay Shorts III  Gay Shorts III  R
/ / Color / 97mins

Gay Shorts III

Caged  Caged 
Dylan Tonk
Netherlands / 2013 / Color / 13mins

David has never thought about homosexuality… Until a discovery changes his mind.

Fawns  Fawns 
Thanasis Tsimpinis
Greece / 2015 / Color / 3mins

From a fawn painting to the relationship between family, there's no difference between animals and human beings. Bond can form everywhere.

Like Hope  Like Hope 
WU, Yin-chao (Oates)
US / 2015 / Color / 13mins

When Harry, a foreign exchange student confesses his love to his good friend and is rebuffed, he becomes stuck, frozen in the moment when he felt pangs of hope.

San Cristóbal  San Cristóbal 
Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo
Chile / 2015 / Color / 29mins

A short romance in a hostile environment, where anything that isn't within the norms is wrong by definition.

Thirst  Thirst 
Guy Sahaf
Israel / 2014 / Color / 14mins

While hiking in the desert, two friends one of whom has a girlfriend, struggle with their mutual attraction to one another.

Tomorrow  Tomorrow 
Leandro Tadashi
US / 2014 / Color / 13mins

When Trevor sees his friend Clark kissing his crush Sara, both guys realise that their friendship might turn into something completely different…

Ub2  Ub2 
Dan Goldes
US / 2011 / Color / 5mins

What's the impact of a status, how is it referred to lexically in the age of digital pre-dating?

Zolushka  Zolushka 
Wes Hurley
US / 2013 / Color / 7mins

What happens when Tom of Finland, Colby Keller, and Waxie Moon decide to tell their version of Cinderella?

Lesbian Shorts  Lesbian Shorts  PG
/ / Color / 83mins

Lesbian Shorts

Darkness  Darkness 
Simon Savory
UK / 2014 / Color / 7mins

A young lady in a British suburb struggles with ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The Day After  The Day After 
Adolfo B. Alix Jr.
Philippines / 2013 / Color / 17mins

After his mother's death, Niles feels a certain urge to understand her from her perspective.

The Letter  The Letter 
Algelez Cruz
Mexico / 2014 / Color / 18mins

When Lupe returns to her village in rural Mexico, she finds out that her feelings for her childhood friend Rosalia has grown and become even more intense.

Once Again, Partridges  Once Again, Partridges 
Marta DiazLopez Diaz
Spain / 2013 / Color / 15mins

At a family gathering, Claudia makes an announcement that no one saw coming, except maybe her cousin Marco.