2015 Shorts

Gay Shorts I  Gay Shorts I  R
/ / Color / 97mins

Gay Shorts I

Aban + Khorshid  Aban + Khorshid 
Darwin Serink
US / 2014 / Color / 17mins

Aban & Khorshid, facing imminent execution, share their final thoughts and promise of eternal love in their afterlife.

An Afternoon  An Afternoon 
Soren Green
Denmark / 2014 / Color / 8mins

That awkward/scary/painful moment when two people like each other but are still uncertain of how the other feels about them.

Dawn  Dawn 
Leon Le
US / 2012 / Color / 10mins

After confronting a guy who gave him a racist glance, Tye realises they might have something in common.

Double Heart Seven  Double Heart Seven 
Taiwan / 2015 / Color / 3mins

A stalks B, but his intentions are not necessarily malicious.

Elder  Elder 
Genea Gaudet
US, Italy / 2015 / Color / 14mins

A gay Mormon looks back on his younger years, when he was a preacher in Italy and fell in love with a local communist activist.

Kort  Kort 
Sanne Vogel
Netherlands / 2013 / Color / 10mins

Arend ventures out of town to meet a guy he chatted with online. The person he meets isn't really how he imagined him to be

Tom in America  Tom in America 
Flavio Alves
US, Brazil / 2014 / Color / 17mins

On their 50ᵗʰ anniversary, Michael and Betty are the perfect couple yet there is one thing, a deep buried secret that is about to resurface…

You. Me. Bathroom. Sex. Now.  You. Me. Bathroom. Sex. Now. 
Francisco Lupini
Venezuela / 2015 / Color / 18mins

Antonio meets an interesting guy whose views on flirting and relationships are slightly different from his own…

Gay Shorts II  Gay Shorts II  R
/ / Color / 97mins

Gay Shorts II