Naz & Maalik

Naz & Maalik  Naz & Maalik  PG
Jay Dockendorf
US / 2015 / Color / 86mins

2015 洛杉磯同志影展 美國劇情長片類最佳演員
2015 邁阿密同志影展
2015 多倫多同志影展
2015 舊金山同志影展

Naz and Maalik have decided to take their friendship to the next level. But sharing their love for each other with the rest of the world isn’t going to be easy, for they are young, gay, black, and Muslim, living in New York. One day, they are approached by someone trying to sell them an illegal gun, and that sets off a cascade of events as they try to hide their sexual orientation. Over the course of one afternoon, their love for each other is tested in the face of racism and religious profiling.