Bombshell  Bombshell  P
Erin Sanger
美國 USA / / Color / 14mins

A ten year-old tomboy grapples with her loyalty to her trusted older brother and the need to stand up for herself.

Born To Dance This Way  Born To Dance This Way  P
Jerell Rosales
美國 USA / / Color / 12mins

JOO SI — fierce, fabulous… and overweight — auditions for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Bendik & the Monster  Bendik & the Monster  G
Frank Mosvold
挪威 Norway / 2014 / Color / 10mins

Bendik helps the Monster to follow his dream of becoming a Cabaret Singer.

Under The Last Roof   Under The Last Roof   P
Edgar Romero
墨西哥 瑞士 / / Color / 12mins

Beto, a lively 9-year-old boy, lives with his overprotective parents. He starts a friendship with Stefany, a transgendered woman, who lives in the same building.

A Last Farewell  A Last Farewell  P
Casper Andreas
瑞典 Sweden / 2013 / Color / 12mins

Witness an alternative family drama about life and death.

Dream Date  Dream Date  P
Andromeda Godfrey
英國 UK / / Color / 3mins

Two women check into a hotel for a night of fun, but is all as it seems?

You’re Dead to me  You’re Dead to me  P
Wu Tsang
美國 USA / / Color / 13mins

On the eve of the Day of the Dead, A Mexican mother, Andrea, receives a visit from her beloved daughter who is no longer with her.

Lopsided  Lopsided  P
香港 Hong Kong / / Color / 29mins

Is it a sickness when she loves her?

Disclosure  Disclosure  P
Gay / HIV
Bill Mullan
美國 USA / / Color / 22mins

Tyler realizes that it’s time to talk to his partner about his HIV status, a revelation that takes them both on an emotional journey of heartache, isolation, and discrimination.

Hazel  Hazel  P
Tamer Ruggli
瑞士 Switzerland / / Color / 8mins

A boy secretly attracted to boys has an obsessive compulsive mother.

Roads  Roads  P
Denisse Quintero
墨西哥 Mexico / / Color / 10mins

Carmela leads a quiet life in the countryside with her grandfather until Abril, an adventurous free spirited girl, breaks into her routine.

Caipirinhas in Ipanema  Caipirinhas in Ipanema  P
Antonio Hernández Centeno
西班牙 Spain / 2014 / Color / 7mins

Antonio and his boyfriend argue while the visiting an European city. They stop by a square cafe to have a drink; a little boy comes by Antonio and his father afterwards...

Positive Youth  Positive Youth  P
Charlie David
加拿大 Canada / / Color / 42mins

4 HIV positive youths (late teens to 27) in 4 different North American cities discuss their lives, sharing a dynamic perspective on the reality of living positive.

Luigi and Vincenzo  Luigi and Vincenzo  P
Giuseppe Bucci
義大利 Italy / / Color / 5mins

A great love hidden by shame and fear.