Tru Love

Tru Love  Tru Love  P
Kate Johnson & Shauna Macdonald
加拿大 Canada / 2013 / Color / 94mins

2014 Insdie Out多倫多同志影展(觀眾票選最佳影片)
2014 聖地牙哥同志影展(最佳影片)
2014 倫敦同志電影節

One day, commitment-phobic Tru helps her good friend Suzanne, a type-A lawyer, to let her widow mother Alice into her house. 
That night, Tru keeps Alice company at dinner. What starts as a polite gesture turns into a night of scintillating conversation.  Tru starts to open up about her life while Alice finds herself intoxicated by a whole new world full of discoveries. Tru and Alice’s time together not only starts to change Alice’s concealed ambivalence toward women, but also stirs up her daughter’s jealousy...