Open Up to Me

Open Up to Me   Open Up to Me   PG
Simo Halinen
芬蘭 Finland / 2013 / Color / 95mins

2014 棕梠泉影展入選
2014 義大利跨性別影展影展(觀眾票選最佳影片)

Maarit is a beautiful woman – who used to be a man. She is estranged from her daughter, her ex life and is working as a cleaner. When she falls in love with Sami – soccer coach, teacher and family man – she finally feels like she can ‘fit in’ somewhere.  In a world that considers Maarit a freak, Sami is forced to confront his own deeply hidden prejudices. Maarit has to step into a brave new world where only she can determine her sense of belonging.