Gay Shorts  Gay Shorts  P
綜合 / / Color / 114mins

Gay Shorts: A panoramic view of the best gay shorts from around the world.

Transgender Shorts  Transgender Shorts  P
綜合 / / Color / 96mins

A panoramic look at the best transgender shorts from around the world.

HIV Shorts  HIV Shorts  P
綜合 / / Color / 109mins

4 moving shorts that portray the reality of HIV life in 2014

Barry’s Bespoke Bakery  Barry’s Bespoke Bakery  P
Denis McArdle
愛爾蘭 Ireland / 2013 / Color / 8mins

Fastidious baker Barry has everything under control, except for his talented employee Brian.

Bombshell  Bombshell  P
Erin Sanger
美國 USA / / Color / 14mins

A ten year-old tomboy grapples with her loyalty to her trusted older brother and the need to stand up for herself.

Born To Dance This Way  Born To Dance This Way  P
Jerell Rosales
美國 USA / / Color / 12mins

JOO SI — fierce, fabulous… and overweight — auditions for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Bendik & the Monster  Bendik & the Monster  G
Frank Mosvold
挪威 Norway / 2014 / Color / 10mins

Bendik helps the Monster to follow his dream of becoming a Cabaret Singer.

Under The Last Roof   Under The Last Roof   P
Edgar Romero
墨西哥 瑞士 / / Color / 12mins

Beto, a lively 9-year-old boy, lives with his overprotective parents. He starts a friendship with Stefany, a transgendered woman, who lives in the same building.

A Last Farewell  A Last Farewell  P
Casper Andreas
瑞典 Sweden / 2013 / Color / 12mins

Witness an alternative family drama about life and death.

Dream Date  Dream Date  P
Andromeda Godfrey
英國 UK / / Color / 3mins

Two women check into a hotel for a night of fun, but is all as it seems?