◼︎Boys' Love Online Panel Discussion ◼︎
As the rise of Boy's Love (BL) contents has dramatically increased over the last couple of years in Asia, there is a need to open a discussion for people to understand about what is BL genre is and how BL represents the queer identity. 
TIQFF is honoured to invite various BL specialists and directors to join the panel to start the conversation. The panel discussion will be in 2 parts on October 13th 7-9pm (GMT+8).   
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Part 1 – The Rise of BL in South East Asia 7-8PM (GMT+8)
Guest Speakers: 
Director Chookiat Sakveerakul
Director Chookiat, a Thai director and screenwriter, has been well-known for all his BL films and series, including The Love of Siam (2007), Dew (2019), and many more. 
Lecturer: Thomas Baudinette
Baudinette is a cultural anthropologist whose work focuses on how gender and sexuality impacts popular cultures among queer communities in Japan. His study includes the exploration of the pan-Asian "idol" celebrity and the transnational spread of Boys Love media fandom in South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. His first book, Regimes of Desire: Young Gay Men, Media, and Masculinity in Tokyo, will be published by the University of Michigan Press in late 2021. 
Part 2 – BL contents in Taiwan and South East Asia  8-9PM (GMT+8)
Guest Speakers: 
Director Ivan Andrew Payawal 
Director Ivan, a Filipino writer and director, has created various successful works, including I America, selected for Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2019, Ivan shifted to television series production, including Unconditional and Love vs The Stars for Cignal TV. In 2020, he directed the Youtube series Gameboys which became one of the most popular BL series Gameboys Season two is expecting to be released in 2021. 
Director Tsai Mi-Chieh 
Director has created one of the most well-known BL series from Taiwan, History 1, 2 and 3, which has successfully bring Taiwanese BL contents to the international's attention. 
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