The Secret to My Silky Skin

The Secret to My Silky Skin  The Secret to My Silky Skin  R
日本 / 2014 / Color / 81mins
“Love might be nothing more than an illusion or a misunderstanding, but it adds to life and can help keep us going. Sometimes dry, sometimes sweet: real life is no different, and it’s this tension that makes Imaizumi’s film utterly charming.” - Tagame Gengoroh. 
Based on a short manga by artist and illustrator Keiichi Takasaki, Ryota comes to Tokyo for a business trip and catches up with Issei who he has a casual sexual relationship with. From a pornography background, Director Kôichi doesn’t hold back on any nudity and sexual interaction between Ryota and Issei.
今泉浩一,日本編劇、導演與演員。今泉浩一的演藝生涯從1990年代出演日本粉紅電影開始,截至目前已擁有參與超過一百部成人影片和獨立電影演出的傲人紀錄。除了表演之外,他在1999年與岩佐浩樹共同成立了 habakari-cinema records 公司,並展開了他的導演人生。
About the Director 
Actor, Writer and Director Koichi Imaizumi  started his pink movie career in 1990 and has appeared in more than 100 videos, including adult videos and independent films. He founded his own production company, "habakari-cinema and records" with Hiroki Iwasa in 1999. 
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