Love, Spells and All That

Love, Spells and All That   Love, Spells and All That   PG15
烏米烏納 (Ümit Ünal)
土耳其 / 2019 / Color / 96mins
2020 伊斯坦堡國際影展 – 最佳編劇、最佳女主角
「作為一名在1980年開始擔任編劇與導演,這部片是我對土耳其的傳統電影與現代政府的壓制政權給予的回應。」– 導演烏米烏納
烏米烏納,1965年生於土耳其,編劇了八部長片作品、出版五本書籍。包括短篇小說集與自傳。首部執導的長片作品《九 Dokuz》於2003年代表土耳其,角逐該年度的奧斯卡金像獎最佳外語片獎。
2020 Istanbul International Film Festival – Best Screenplay, Best Actress
"As a screenwriter-director who honed his craft in the 1980s, this is my contemporary response to the conventional Turkish cinema and my country's climate getting more oppressive by the day." said director Ümit Ünal. 
Eren and Reyhan had a love affair when they were teenagers and were forced into separation by their parents. Eren returns to the island 20 years later, but Reyhan believes what brings Eren back is not love but a spell that Reyhan put on Eren 20 years ago. The two women start a daylong journey in Büyükada, an Istanbul island, trying to remove the spell. 
About the Director 
Born in 1965 in Turkey, Ümit Ünal is the scriptwriter for eight feature films. His first feature film as a director, 9 (Dokuz), was the Official Turkish Entry for the 2003 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. He has published five books: A collection of short stories, three novels and an autobiography. 
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