Hello Stranger: The Movie

Hello Stranger: The Movie  Hello Stranger: The Movie  P
杜溫・巴塔札(Dwein Baltazar)
菲律賓 / 2021 / Color / 101mins
「《你好陌生人:電影版》為一個優雅且有力的比喻著當朋友與陌生人之間的模糊地帶,若能突破這難關,兩人將可證明出愛的無限與奇幻」—  LIONHEAR TV
杜溫・巴塔札(Dwein Baltazar),2012年首次執導電影《Mamay Umeng》便一鳴驚人,贏得了南韓全州國際電影節最佳劇情片大獎,接著第二部長片《那些我們想像的愛情》入選了卡羅威瓦利、釜山等影展以外,更是奪下了當年金馬影展的奈派克獎。最新作品《你好陌生人:電影版》則是她首次挑戰執導的商業向電影。
“Hello Stranger: The Movie ultimately breaks down to a graceful, and powerful metaphor, when the cycle of being strangers to friends to the other way around, finally ends and becomes a fitting testament to love’s universality, and its unending wonders” — LIONHEAR TV. 
Adapted from the hopeless romantic same-titled BL (boys’ love) series, Xavier and his group of friends were on their way to the writing camp. When they got there, Xavier unexpectedly ran into Mico, who had some history with Xavier six months ago. Pretending to be a stranger, but they can’t lie to their heart and true desires. 
About the Director 
Award-winning Dwein Baltazar, her debut feature Mamay Umeng won Best Picture at Jeonju International Film Festival in 2012. Continuously her works got successfully selected into Busan, Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Golden Horse Film Festival and won NETPAC award in 2018. Hello Stranger: The Movie is the first commercial movie she directed.
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