Gameboys: The Movie

Gameboys: The Movie   Gameboys: The Movie   PG12
伊萬・安德魯・帕亞瓦爾( Ivan Andrew Payawa)
菲律賓 / 2021 / Color / 108mins
「愛就是愛,除了在刻骨銘心的好萊塢經典中尋找共感之外,全球LGBTQ+的觀眾們也有了值得一看的新選擇。」— Digital Spy
菲律賓編劇與導演伊凡・安德魯帕・亞沃爾,製作多部長片與電視影集如《I America (2016》入選東京國際影展、電視劇《Unconditional (2020)》與《Love vs The Stars (2021)》都為菲律賓電視台Cignal TV製作出版,導演多部作品都成功打入當地Netflix市場。導演同時也在2020年製作首部Youtube 影集《Gameboys》成為菲律賓首部BL影集打入國際市場,《Gameboys》第二季預計將於今年播出。
“ is love, and LGBTQ+ viewers from around the world deserve to see themselves in the same classic love stories that are usually reserved for Hollywood.”  — Digital Spy. 
Adapted from one of the most successful BL series of the same title, Gameboys: The Movie is a coming-of-age infused with intoxicating sweetness and romance throughout the film. Cairo and Gavreel, two gamer boys, had a sleepover, and they never thought it would turn into a relationship test. Will Cairo and Gavreel be able to prove once again that their love for each other is strong enough to withstand fate and circumstance? 
About the Director
Ivan Andrew Payawal, a Filipino writer and director, has created various successful works, including I America, selected for Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2019, Ivan shifted to television series production, including Unconditional and Love vs The Stars for Cignal TV. In 2020, he directed the Youtube series Gameboys which became one of the most popular BL series  Gameboys Season two is expecting to be released in 2021. 
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