Coming Home

Coming Home   Coming Home   P
井上龍太(Ryuta Inoue)
日本 / 2020 / Color / 99mins
「美學、音樂和整體氛圍都十分暖心和療癒,放鬆、紓壓必看!」—《The Drama Duchess》
改編自ココミ創作同名BL漫畫,由日版《惡作劇之吻》古川雄輝  《與妳的第100次愛戀》龍星涼領銜主演的療癒系純愛電影《在回家之後重新開始》堂堂登場!
因為在都市闖蕩失敗,失意青年孤塚光臣(古川雄輝 飾)只好回到故鄉讓一切「重頭來過」。正試著融入離開已久的家鄉時,意外認識了溫柔率直的孤兒熊井大和(龍星涼 飾),兩人開始相知、相惜。這兩個寂寞的靈魂是否能克服恐懼,成為彼此的光,互相溫暖內心並照亮通往希望和未來的道路?
身為導演、製片與製作人的井上龍太,製作的多部電視影集在知名電視台播放如TBS,TXN 和 TV Asahi EX。《在回家之後重新開始》是井上龍太執導的首部劇情長片。
“The aesthetics, music and entire ‘feel’ of this film is so tranquil and calm, you can’t help but feel at ease while watching it” - The Drama Duchess. 
Adapted from Cocomi‘s BL comic Restart After Coming Back Home (リスタートはただいまのあとで), starring Yuki Furukawa and Ryo Ryusei, is about the two lost souls trying to overcome their fears and find comfort with each other. Mitsuomi Kozuka went back to his hometown after losing his job in Tokyo. Trying to reconnect with his hometown that he once left, he met Yamato, who was once an orphan. Together they find hope and a future within. 
About the Director 
Ryuta Inoue has been the executive producer for numerous tv-series for TBS, TXN and TV Asahi EX in Japan. Coming Home is his first feature film as Director and Producer. 
放映日期 Screening Dates: 
線上訪談 Live Online Q&A 2021/10/16 8PM