A Distant Place

A Distant Place  A Distant Place  P
朴健英(Park Kun-Young)
南韓 / 2020 / Color / 119mins
2021 Outfest 洛杉磯同志影展
2020 塔林黑夜電影節
「⋯⋯色彩的出色運用,加上那些對秋冬時節林野景色的細膩描繪,無疑為本片的攝影大大地增色。這些僅僅是單純突出了佈景的鏡頭,是綜觀整部電影最令人記憶猶新的部分。」 — 亞洲電影脈衝評論
離開大城市的振宇,帶著外甥女小雪一同過起了野外牧羊的日子。直到他昔日的同性戀人賢旻的到來,為原先平靜的生活再掀波瀾。旁人看待他們這段地下戀情的眼光中充滿了怒意與歧視,而原已失聯的小雪母親再度出現,欲帶著小雪離開,無異使得這一切的境況變得更加嚴峻。究竟,振宇最後是否能成功留住賢旻和小雪? 迷人的演出,並加上令人讚嘆的優美場景調度,《愛在春光乍現時》所呈現的,是一部既談浪漫愛、也談對「家庭定義」的動人作品。
1984生,現居韓國首爾。執導過多部短片作品,其中包括曾於2016台灣國際兒童影展放映的短片《沉默之聲》。首部劇情長片《To My River》,曾入圍全州國際電影節。 
2021 Outfest 
2020 Black Nights International Film Festival
"...the cinematography, with the images of the autumn and winter in the fields and the forest being truly exquisite, intensified by the excellent use of color. These sequences, which simply highlight the setting, are among the most memorable in the movie," - Asian Movie Pulse Film Review. 
Jin-woo moved away from the city to live like a shepherd and raise his niece, Seol. Life was peaceful until his former same-sex lover Hyun-min showed up. The people react to the two men's secret relationship with anger and discrimination. On top of that, Seoul's disappearing mother came back to take her away. Will Jin-woo ever be able to keep Hyun-min and Seol with him? A Distant Place is a heartfelt story of romance and the definition of family, gracefully captured through mesmerizing performances and breathtaking scenery.
About the Director 
Born in 1984, based in Seoul, South Korea. Director Park has made various short films, including Silent Boy, screened at Taiwan International Children's Film Festival in 2016. His first feature film, To My River, was selected for Jeonju International Film Festival.  
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