Naz & Maalik  Naz & Maalik  PG
Jay Dockendorf
US / 2015 / Color / 86mins

Naz and Maalik have decided to take their friendship to the next level. But sharing their love for each other with the rest of the world isn’t going to be easy, for they are young, gay, black, and Muslim, living in New York. One day, they are approached by someone trying to sell them an illegal gun, and that sets off a cascade of events as they try to hide their sexual orientation. Over the course of one afternoon, their love for each other is tested in the face of racism and religious profiling.

The Second Life of Thieves  The Second Life of Thieves  PG
胡明進WOO, Ming-jin
Malaysia, Switzerland, Netherlands / 2014 / Color / 87mins

In a small fishing village in Malaysia there are no secrets, unless you are the village elder Mr. Tan. One day he discovers that his wife has disappeared and the rumor is that his best friend Mr. Lai accompanied her. This bit of news is particularly disconcerting for Tan, since he has hidden a love affair with Lai for decades. Tan embarks on a journey with Lai’s daughter in search of past loves and losses. With a fluid camera and poetic lens, director Woo Ming Jin travels 30 years through time to capture the mysteries of the heart and longings of the soul.

Tiger Orange  Tiger Orange  R
Wade Gasque
US / 2014 / Color / 75mins

Chet and Todd are estranged gay brothers who grew up in a small town in Central California with a homophobic single father. After unsuccessful attempts at an acting career and a threesome relationship, younger brother Todd now returns home as a fiercely out man.

You & I  You & I  R
Nils Bökamp
Germany / 2014 / Color / 79mins

Summer in Berlin. Jonas is a cute German boy preparing for a photography project in the countryside. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he invites his former London flatmate Phillip to join him. The fact that Phillip is gay and sheds his clothes at the sight of any body of

Gay Shorts I  Gay Shorts I  R
/ / Color / 97mins

Gay Shorts I

Aban + Khorshid  Aban + Khorshid 
Darwin Serink
US / 2014 / Color / 17mins

Aban & Khorshid, facing imminent execution, share their final thoughts and promise of eternal love in their afterlife.

An Afternoon  An Afternoon 
Soren Green
Denmark / 2014 / Color / 8mins

That awkward/scary/painful moment when two people like each other but are still uncertain of how the other feels about them.

Dawn  Dawn 
Leon Le
US / 2012 / Color / 10mins

After confronting a guy who gave him a racist glance, Tye realises they might have something in common.

Double Heart Seven  Double Heart Seven 
Taiwan / 2015 / Color / 3mins

A stalks B, but his intentions are not necessarily malicious.

Elder  Elder 
Genea Gaudet
US, Italy / 2015 / Color / 14mins

A gay Mormon looks back on his younger years, when he was a preacher in Italy and fell in love with a local communist activist.