Human rights

Stonewall  Stonewall  R
羅蘭艾默瑞奇 Roland Emmerich
US / 2015 / Color / 129mins

The gay rights drama “Stonewall” takes us back to 1969 to New York’s Greenwich Village, where a police raid on Stonewall Inn ignites a riot and a crusade for gay rights. Danny Winters is a young man newly acquainted to New York after recognizing himself as a gay man. He joins the crowd at Stonewall Inn, the prominent hang-out of the local queer culture. There he witnesses passion and activism, but also corruption and violence. The film is directed by Roland Emmerich ("White House Down", 2013) and features Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jeremy Irvine, and Ron Perlman.

Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story   Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story   R
Michael Stabile
US / 2015 / Color / 72mins

In the 70s and 80s, Chuck Holmes’ Falcon Studios was synonymous with gay pornography. Chuck begins his career in San Francisco in 1971 when most gay men are still in the closet. By bursting out of the closet and pushing sex all the way to the forefront, he quickly gains attention. Vice squads and the FBI find their way to his door, and fellow porn makers land in prison, but he fights on. As his wealth grows, he turns his attention to gay rights. He soon finds out, however, that with Falcon and gay sex behind his name, where his money is welcome, he often is not.

Stories of Our Lives  Stories of Our Lives  PG
Jim Chuchu
Kenya / 2015 / Black and White / 62mins

The country is Kenya. The theme is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex. The characters are high school students, farm workers, researchers. The stories are dramatizations of real-life events in the country where laws stigmatize and criminalize homosexuals.