TIQFF Workshop


From a single idea, the screenwriter embarks on a journey that will eventually involve countless words, numerous people, and, yes, lots of money.  All this is driven by the desire to tell a good story - a story that moves its audiences, hopefully to the point of making a small change in their lives.

The first filmmaking workshop presented by TIQFF occurred in September of 2014.  As that was our first workshop, we focused on filmmaking in general.  Our guest speakers presented issues ranging from independent film production, screenwriting, the state of LGBT cinema in the world, documentary film production, to film production in Taiwan.  There were plenty of submissions

We hope to discover filmmakers that will take Taiwanese cinema to new heights, to make films popular both at home and abroad which will move the heart. We believe that these motivated screenwriters are among us here in Taiwan.  It is our goal to find them and to guide them to fulfill their and our dream of presenting to the world the beauty of Taiwanese cinema.  



Through working with industry professionals, filmmakers will develop their skills and improve their current projects so that they are ready for production. There will be two groups: narrative and documentary.


All applicants:  biography, resume, past films, AND

  • Narrative: complete script written in Chinese with focus on LGBT issues in Chinese-speaking communities. Must be less than 20 minutes in length



Awards will be presented to one project in the narrative group and one project in the documentary group.
Awards include:
$20000 toward film production / Collaboration with TIMEA on film production Short film at a future TIQFF


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