Thai Stars, Earth, New and Tay Say, “Queer Friends Are Cute!”

Thai actors, Earth (Pirapat Watthanasetsiri), New (Thitipoom Techaapaikhun) and Tay (Tawan Vihokratana), held a fan-meet in Taiwan for the first time. Earth said he had learned from his friends that Taiwan was a "shopping paradise," and New said, "Taiwanese people are passionate like Thai people, the streets are as clean as Japan’s, and the tall buildings makes me feel like I am in Hong Kong." Tay said that “Thais are very keen on traveling in Taiwan. For me, I am fond of natural scenery. This time I am in here as a guest, as well as traveling around Taiwan. I’ll be coming back to Taiwan again soon."


Earth, New, and Tay all played queer characters in the Thailand TV series named Water Boyy the Series and Kiss Me Again. When they were asked about what they thought about the identity of queer people, New said, "There are many queer friends around me in my professional environment. We get along very easily and we’re comfortable with each other. Queer friends are very cute and they speak sassy. I think my love for queer friends is not based on their sexual orientation but on their personalities.”


In recent years in Taiwan, the issue of Queer Education has been hotly debated. Earth responded to this issue, "Thailand doesn’t have education policy regarding queer issues. It is only through their friends and information on the Internet they learn about it.” “When I saw queer friend being bullied, I felt very puzzled and sorry. I have many queer friends around me. Their ideas are unique, and they often bring happiness to us. We are all a part of each other's life, and therefore there shouldn’t be any discrimination or bullying. Tay also said, "Thailand has a high acceptance of queer issues. People are becoming more and more aware of knowledge concerning queer issues. I think everyone has different characters, and queer friends choose to represent themselves most naturally."


At the end of the interview, we asked them what they hoped to bring to the community as young actors in Thailand. The three of them, as public figures, all hope that they can convey positive positive thinking to audiences and hope for everyone to become better.