The Thrill  The Thrill 
侯季然 HOU, Chi-jan
Taiwan / 2014 / Color / 29mins

Urban legend has it that once you get bitten by a vampire, you will become one of them and reconnect with your suppressed primal desires. Who will be next?

Yu and Rachel  Yu and Rachel 
吳季恩 WU, Zi-en
Taiwan / 2014 / Color / 12mins

Friday, basketball court, ice cream, cooties, girl, boy.

Taiwan Queer Awards II  Taiwan Queer Awards II  PG
/ / Color / 115mins

Taiwan Queer Awards II

Stay with Me  Stay with Me 
林建和 LIN, Jian-he
Taiwan / 2014 / Color / 29mins

Going through a rebellious stage, Jie-yu finds comfort and shelter in spending time with his best friend Yen-xu. As their friendship progresses, a shift in their relationship takes place. It all happened one night somewhere between those 16 kilometers......

The Dragon and Phoenix Show  The Dragon and Phoenix Show 
莫育權 MOK, Yuk-kuen
Hong Kong / 2012 / Color / 30mins

Mother discovers son's gay identity after his suicide. She decides to come out of the closet on his behalf and arrange the first ever gay ghost marriage. Little does she know she is getting herself into one conniving scheme after another and insufferable family drama.

Coming Home  Coming Home 
梁俊傑 Steven LIANG
Taiwan / 2015 / Color / 14mins

A cross-culture relationship ended in heartbreak. He threw everything away back home to pursue this journey of love with his American boyfriend. Can he ever go home again?

Boy's Period  Boy's Period 
林美兒 LAM, Mei-yi
Hong Kong / 2012 / Color / 20mins

As usual, menstruation is torturing "him". A teenage boy or teenage girl goes through puberty. He/She has never been free until that night…

A Straight Journey : Days and Nights in Their Kingdom   A Straight Journey : Days and Nights in Their Kingdom  
瑪鯊苗醬 Masamojo
China / 2015 / Color / 22mins

In China, a husband-and-wife photographer duo travelled 11 cities to interview 48 gays and lesbians and their families.