Berlin Drifters

Berlin Drifters   Berlin Drifters   R
日本 / 2017 / Color / 123mins


2017 香港同志影展
2017 柏林情色電影節
「《柏林漂流》刻意顛覆觀眾對於愛情片的想像,開啟了對於角色們是否能找到自己欲求之事的爭論,同時也模糊了色情與情色電影的界定。」— 好萊塢報導
今泉浩一,日本編劇、導演與演員。今泉浩一的演藝生涯從1990年代出演日本粉紅電影開始,截至目前已擁有參與超過一百部成人影片和獨立電影演出的傲人紀錄。除了表演之外,他在1999年與岩佐浩樹共同成立了 habakari-cinema records 公司,並展開了他的導演人生。
2017 Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 
2017 Porn Film Festival Berlin 
"...Berlin Drifters, an explicit, willfully confrontational romance that will split audiences down porn-versus-art lines while debating whether the characters found what they were looking for." - The Hollywood Reporter. 
Koichi is a loner living in Berlin, while Ryota went to Berlin to find his true love and happiness. The two Japanese men' lives intersected in a Berlin bar somehow ended up living together. Almost like a friend with benefits, but Koichi has an unexplainable feeling for Ryota, who goes out to hook up frequently. How will those two drifters go on with their lives? 
About the Director 
Actor, Writer and Director Koichi Imaizumi started his pink movie career in 1990 and has appeared in more than 100 videos, including adult videos and independent films. He founded his own production company, "habakari-cinema and records" with Hiroki Iwasa in 1999. 
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