How to Survive a Plague

How to Survive a Plague  How to Survive a Plague  P
David France
美國 USA / 2012 / Color / 110mins
2014 September 28, 15:30 Taipei Shin Kong Cinemas
Attending: Peter Staley

2012 日舞影展
2012 波士頓影評人協會獎最佳紀錄片
2013 奧斯卡最佳紀錄片入圍

In the early years of the AIDS pandemic, HIV-positive activists - literally fighting for their lives - took on Washington and Big Pharma by forming ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) and TAG (Treatment Action Group). Combining theatrical protests with self-taught scientific training, these heroic groups both gave a sense of purpose to the dying and shook up the medical and governmental bureaucracies.