Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy  Boy Meets Boy  P
金趙光壽 KIM JHO Gwang-soo
南韓 South Korea / 2008 / Color / 13mins
Ticket Packages: Sep/24/2016 PM13:00~
Individual Ticket: Oct/01/2016 PM12:00~

2014 September 27, 16:45 Taipei Shin Kong Cinemas
Attending: Director KIM JHO Gwang-soo

Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (2012, Hong Kong)
3rd Asian Queer Film and Video Festival (2011, Japan)

On a warm spring day Min-soo, a small boy, meets tall and broad-shouldered Seok inside a bus. Min-soo keeps looking at the tough boy whose sharp eyes are hidden under his baseball cap. Min-soo’s heart starts beating. What will happen to Min-soo and Seok?