Raw! Uncut! Video!

Raw! Uncut! Video!   Raw! Uncut! Video!   R
艾力克斯・克勞森 (Alex Clausen) 與 雷恩・A・懷特 (Ryan A. White)
美國 / 2021 / Color / 79mins
2021 舊金山國際同志影展
2021 Outfest 洛杉磯同志影展
「棕櫚影像製作室 (Palm Drive Video)所創造出的藝術作品能打開那些演員的包袱,帶領觀眾一同探索那最深處、最兒少不宜的幻想性樂園。並且釋放觀眾的慾望,讓他們以安全、私密的方式,與他人『共享』這份奧妙。」— A&U Magazine
1980年代,愛滋恐慌開始在美國蔓延,傑克・佛里徹和馬克・韓利決定將一個農場改造成小型同志A片工作室,並命名為「棕櫚影像製作室(Palm Drive Video)」。藉由安全性行為與對抗愛滋為主打,影片提倡多元性癖好,大膽展現出情色幻想的各種可能性,讓觀看者在家中也能積極探索且體驗性的高潮點。
2021 Frameline 
2021 Outfest 
"Palm Drive Video made art that freed their models to explore and engage the viewer in their darkest, most NSFW sexual fantasies—and freed the viewer to "share" that fantasy in private, in safety" - A&U Magazine. 
Palm Drive Video, a homegrown gay porn studio by Jack Fritscher and Mark Hemry back in the 1980s, helped battle a devastating health crisis by promoting kinky sex. They made the rural ranch into a safe-sex porn studio that offered viewers new sexual possibilities in an age of plague to explore their unique erotic fantasies onscreen and helped champion sex positivity in the porn industry.
About the Director 
Ryan A. White is a documentary filmmaker who has made plenty of short and full-length documentaries and a lecturer in the Department of Communication at California State University. Alex Clausen is an artist who lives in Guerneville, California and has exhibited works at various galleries. Raw! Uncut! Video! is his first debut feature documentary. 
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