Queendom  Queendom  P
馬可・諾瓦 (Marco Novoa) & 西蒙・維威耶 (Simon Vivier)
法國 / 2021 / Color / 62mins
「我們想要突顯變裝皇后在法國的面貌:放棄了什麼、同時又自我揭露了些什麼。」— 西蒙・維威耶於Europe 1的電台訪談
巴黎的變裝皇后圈,在近年來的發展聲勢日漸龐大。本紀錄片即貼身捕捉了三位在巴黎名聲響亮的變裝皇后: 飛利浦(Le Filip)、邵戈 拉迪雷(Shigo LaDurée )和 餅乾 昆蒂(Cookie Kunty)的生活,同時紀錄在新冠病毒危機的期間,他們所面臨的日常挑戰。
馬可・諾瓦與西蒙・維威耶兩人結為伴侶已有11年。本作Queendom為兩人所聯合執導的首部紀錄片。馬可的作品備受好評,並因此有過與香奈兒、亞曼尼等品牌合作的經歷。西蒙在作為導演身份之餘,曾擔任喜劇劇集《Scènes de Ménages》的美術專員等相影視製作職位。
"We wanted to show what it's like to drag today in France: what we give up, what we expose ourselves to", said Simon Vivier interviewed with Europe 1. 
The Paris drag scene has grown enormously over the past several years. As France grapples with the Covid crisis, this documentary follows the lives of three iconic drag queen figures, Le Filip, Shigo LaDurée and Cookie Kunty; an up-close look at the day-to-day challenges they face. 
About the Directors 
Marco Novoa and Simon Vivier have been together as a couple for 11 years. Queendom is their first joint documentary. Marco's works had won wide acclaim, giving him a chance to collaborate with brands such as Chanel and Armani. Simon has his fiction projects and is the art department coordinator for the hit comedy series Scènes de Ménages.
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線上訪談 Live Online Q&A 2021/10/17 2PM