My First Summer

My First Summer   My First Summer   P
凱蒂・芳德 Katie Found
澳洲 / 2020 / Color / 80mins
"Running just 77 minutes, it's a gorgeous little film that Found judiciously ends where she does rather than opting for a conventional denouement that would only break the spell and detract from the whole." - The Sydney Morning Herald. 
Claudia is stranded in isolation after her mother's death, but life turns around when she meets Grace, a spirited local teen, who appears in the garden like a mirage. They find support, love and intimacy within each other. But their idyllic peace is a fragile one as the adult world closes in and threatens their secret summer love.
About the Director 
Katie Found is a Melbourne-based writer and director, My First Summer is her first debut feature. She has made multiple short films, including It Will Peck You and The Widow, which won various awards and praises, including the Monte Miller Award at the 2016 AWGIES. 
放映日期 Screening Dates: 
線上訪談 Live Online Q&A 2021/10/23 8PM