Luz  Luz  R
喬恩・賈西亞( Jon Garcia)
美國 / 2020 / Color / 118mins
2021 澳洲雪梨狂歡同志影展 Mardi Gras Film Festival 
2020 西雅圖酷兒影展
「從白的清晰分明的監獄粉牆,到氛圍更加曖昧幽微的拉美社會,這部片能讓人毫無壓力地沈浸其中。兩位健壯迷人的演員擁有十足的發揮空間,也在鏡頭引領下讓觀眾們無法自拔陷入劇情中。」— 酷兒影評
2021 Mardi Gras Film Festival 
2020 Seattle Queer Film Festival  
"From the crisp white walls of the prison to the more subtle tones of the Latinx community the men live in. It's an easy film to let wash over you. Two strong, appealing leads get plenty to play with, and the camera draws us in." - The Queer Review.
Ruben and Carlos are cellmates. When Ruben struggles to learn the ropes of daily prison life, Carlos becomes a mentor and eventually a lover. The two men develop feelings for one another they can't easily express. After being released, questions loom…
About the Director 
Jon Garcia is a Portland and Houston-based filmmaker who has made plenty of feature films and music videos in his career. He has also worked with Oregon Public Broadcasting, Amazon crew in Brooklyn, and Wacom to produce various videos.
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