Finlandia  Finlandia  PG12
奧拉西奧‧阿爾卡拉 (Horacio Alcala)
西班牙、墨西哥、跨性 / 2020 / Color / 120mins
「時尚雜誌(Vogue)墨西哥與英國合作,首次令穆克斯成了知名時尚攝影師提姆.沃克(Tim Walker)鏡頭下的主角。」—《時代》雜誌
一場毀滅性地震,重創了墨西哥南部的瓦哈卡州,也為墨西哥原住民的變性人群體「穆克斯 (Muxes)」的生活帶來劇變。在地震過後被尋獲的第一具屍體德利里奧(Delirio),即是這當中的一名年長穆克斯。德利里奧既非男人,也不是女人;身為年輕穆克斯們的精神領袖和導師。德利里奧在當地獨領先鋒,奮鬥長達數十年,便是為了要讓這些和德利里奧有相同境遇的人們,能夠在這個父權體制與男性優位的社會中取得一席之地。 
“Several Muxes were photographed by Tim Walker, a renowned fashion photographer, in a collaboration between Vogue Mexico and British Vogue.” - TIME Magazine. 
A devastating earthquake hits Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico, and this seismic movement has caused physical and emotional tremors for the lives of the Muxes, indigenous transgender. The first body found after the earthquake belongs to Delirio, an elderly Muxe. Delirio is not a man or a woman. Delirio is a pioneer that has fought for decades so that people like Delirio could find their place in a patriarchal and sexist society. Delirio is a spiritual leader and mentor for the young Muxes. 
About the Director 
 Horacio Alcalá, born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1978, is a film director and screenwriter. After 7 years working at the Cirque du Soleil, Horacio moved to Madrid and began working as a director on different visual arts and circus narrative projects. 
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線上訪談 Live Online Q&A 2021/10/21 8PM