At the End of Evin

At the End of Evin   At the End of Evin   PG12
穆罕默德 托拉-貝吉(Mohammad Torab-Beigi)&邁赫迪 托拉-貝吉(Mehdi Torab-Beigi)
伊朗 / 2021 / Color / 78mins
 「請看,火與柴都有了,但燔祭的羊羔在那裡呢?」(創世紀 22:7)
本片由兄弟穆罕默德 托拉-貝吉與邁赫迪 托拉-貝吉共同執導。穆罕默德於1975年出生於伊朗內沙布爾,曾執導過數部短片和紀錄片;弟弟邁赫迪出生於1980年,有撰寫多部影視作品腳本的經驗,而《最終的羔羊》是他們的第一部劇情長片作品。
"But where is the lamb for the burnt offering?" (Genesis 22:7)
A transsexual named Amen is optimistically planning to do gender reassignment surgery to start a new life. One day, Amen meets Naser who is willing to pay for the operation, but Amen doesn't know the truth behind Naser's intention. Being a transsexual was hard enough in Iran for Amen, let alone the misfortune of being replaced as a murderer.
About the Directors
At the End of Evin is the first feature film directed by Mohammad Torab-Beigi & Mehdi Torab-Beigi. “The main subject of this film is sexual identity in a sexistic situation.” said the directors, “According to the statistics in Iran, the transgender population exceeds 24000, a high percentage of which intends to change the gender. What would be the main reason for such a high demand?”
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