Everlasting love  Everlasting love  R
Marçal Forés
Spain / 2015 / Color / 69mins

What does a hot, silver-haired teacher do after class? He makes his usual excursion into the forest to hunt for another sexy man, of course. What does he do when he encounters a student of his in the forest, watching him with lusty eyes? He invites him to bed, of course. And what does the student do when the teacher refuses to see him again after a torrid night of sexual lessons? Well, that’s the terrifying part. The story of Carlos the teacher and Toni the student brings to mind another suspenseful thriller, "Stranger by the Lake."

Peter & the Wolf  Peter & the Wolf  R
Wes Hurley
Canada / 2013 / Color / 5mins

An adult retelling of Peter and the Wolf

Horror Shorts  Horror Shorts  R
/ / Color / 74mins

Horror Shorts

Feriado  Feriado 
Alexander Siqueira
Brazil / 2013 / Color / 26mins

What starts out as a nice holiday quickly becomes a terrifying experience.

Gay Goth Scene  Gay Goth Scene 
Kai Stänicke
Germany / 2013 / Color / 5mins

School becomes a living hell for a gay teenage boy…

I Love Hooligans  I Love Hooligans 
Jan-Dirk Bouw
Belgium, Netherlands / 2013 / Color / 13mins

Unconditional love for his club defines a hooligan. However, being gay and a hooligan seem incompatible.

Miss Miao  Miss Miao 
Kayla Morrissey
US / 2014 / Color / 10mins

A young woman resorts to alternative medicine to cure her nightmares. But the effect isn't quite what she expected…

Plunge  Plunge 
Kate Lefoe
Australia / 2014 / Color / 5mins

Enjoying some time by a remote lake, two lovers decide to jump off a cliff into the water, but something very strange happens…

Seuls  Seuls 
Sami Khadraoui
Switzerland / 2014 / Color / 15mins

A get-away in a remote place in the moutains turns into a horror movie plot as strange things start happening…