Sand Dollars  Sand Dollars  PG
Israel Cárdenas, Aura Amelia Guzmán
Dominican Rep / Mexico / Argentina / 2014 / Color / 80mins

Every afternoon Noeli, a young Dominican girl, goes to the beaches with her boyfriend to scam tourists. Anne falls pray and hopelessly in love with Noeli, who will do anything to leave her country. While Anne possesses the power and money, Noeli has her youthful body as a bargaining chip for that coveted visa. With her sight firmly on France, Noeli requests more and more money from Anne to support herself and a young man she calls her brother. As the date to leave for France draws nearer, each woman’s mask is slowly peeled off, leaving each to confront her love and loneliness.

Starting Over  Starting Over  PG
Takashi Nishihara 西原孝至
Japan / 2014 / Color / 94mins

Nana, 18 and a high school student in Tokyo, has her hands full dealing with the people in her life. Her mother is in the hospital for clinical depression. She has a stepfather she dislikes from whom whom she wants to keep as far away as possible. There are also the older men who pay her to watch them masturbate. The only joy in Nana’s life comes from Marin, another girl at school. Their friendship blossoms into romance and the two become inseparable. But Marin wants to hide their relationship and becomes furious when she learns about Nana’s side job.

Summer  Summer  PG
Colette Bothof
Netherlands / 2014 / Color / 86mins

The summer is sultry in a village where everyday life is dominated by the humming power plant. Sixteen-year-old Anne and her friends pass time, day after day, by biking through roads that lead nowhere. Until a stranger enters town.

Summer of Sangaile  Summer of Sangaile  PG
Alanté Kavaïté
Lithuania, France, Netherlands / 2015 / Color / 88mins

17-year-old Sangaile is a teenager who dreams about flying planes but is stifled by suffocating shyness. Then she meets Auste, who is everything Sangaile isn’t – a daring, free-spirited bohemian. Auste slowly draws Sangaile out of her shell, and love soon seizes them.

Lesbian Shorts  Lesbian Shorts  PG
/ / Color / 83mins

Lesbian Shorts

Darkness  Darkness 
Simon Savory
UK / 2014 / Color / 7mins

A young lady in a British suburb struggles with ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The Day After  The Day After 
Adolfo B. Alix Jr.
Philippines / 2013 / Color / 17mins

After his mother's death, Niles feels a certain urge to understand her from her perspective.

The Letter  The Letter 
Algelez Cruz
Mexico / 2014 / Color / 18mins

When Lupe returns to her village in rural Mexico, she finds out that her feelings for her childhood friend Rosalia has grown and become even more intense.

Once Again, Partridges  Once Again, Partridges 
Marta DiazLopez Diaz
Spain / 2013 / Color / 15mins

At a family gathering, Claudia makes an announcement that no one saw coming, except maybe her cousin Marco.

Practical Things  Practical Things 
Kris BoustedtLindy Boustedt
US / 2013 / Color / 5mins

Two girls, seemingly worlds apart, discover that they might just be what the other needs.