Moms on Fire  Moms on Fire  R
Joanna Rytel
Sweden / 2016 / Color / 12mins

An ordinary neighbourhood in an ordinary town. Two women sit on a sofa and scratch their pregnant bellies. Four days till the due date. The situation is as unbearable as it is unavoidable. Masturbation isn’t an option, the clitoris can’t even be reached, and the boyfriend is absent, but he’s boring anyway..

Mate  Mate  R
Liou Ai-chu
Taiwan / 2016 / Color / 4mins

In a mysterious country, God makes couples by binding a man and a woman with a thread. However, Wendy and Elly fell in love with each other, but Wendy was forced to give up her true love by God's opposition. One’s love is the most precious in the other’s heart.